International Body of Art [IBA]

Digging deep into personalization to drive results

Website personalization is a marketing strategy focused on creating tailored messages for specific audiences, providing each user with a personalized browsing experience on your website.


Higher average time on site

About International Body of Art

International Body of Art an online platform for talented new artists to showcase their creations and for hopeful investors to get started on their art collection journeys.

With unlimited access to pieces from all of our members on the platform, aspiring investors have the perfect opportunity to buy, collect or sell.


  • Website Redesign
  • CRO

Business impact

  • 82% higher average time on site

The Results

“ designed a website that is easy to navigate and helps customers find the information they need to feel comfortable investing in art with us.”

After learning about IBA’ business and goals, we helped construct a new website structure.

The response to the personalized content by IBA’s site visitors has been amazing. Analytics show that visitors who saw personalized pages had an 82% higher Average Time on Site than those who did not see personalized pages.

This proves that visitors that start their browsing experience with personalized content are more engaged with the site and will spend more time looking at various pages.

Need an all-in-one marketing partner?

As IBA shares, “We have a lot more time to manage our business. [We’re] not worried about Website, SEO, PPC, Google Ads, I’m not worried about any of that.”


Because IBA has a trusted partner in Adconnect. With Adconnect, the IBA team can optimize, personalize, and promote their site without worry.

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