About AdConnect

Also known as Adaptively – Ad Landing Pages

Welcome To AdConnect!

My name is Neil Napier and together with my business partner and CTO Steven van der Peijl I’d love to introduce you to AdConnect.

AdConnect is also known under the name Adaptively – Ad Landing Pages as a module from the Adaptively Suite where we’ve integrated various softwares we created all build to increase your conversions online into 1 suite of softwares.

When we started out with PPC (pay-per-click) advertising we wasted a LOT of money learning PPC. We bought many courses to learn PPC as a skill for our company…

One thiing we noticed that in all courses, including on the official Facebook advertisers information pages and the same for Google they kept saying: “your ad creatives need to perfectly match your landing pages, otherwise the visitor will have an instant disconnect and will bounce”.

This bouncing (instantly leaving) is bad because:
1. The ad platform (e.g. Google, Facebook, Twitter etc) will register this and your ad quality score goes down which means CPC (cost-per-click) goes up!
2. Hurts conversions
3. You miss out on a potentially new subscribers or customer!

And altough all courses said more or less the same (throw spagetti at the wall method):
1. create a whole bunch of ad sets with a whole bunch of ad creatives
2. set them on a $5 USD a day budget,
3. leave it for a few days
4. start cancelling ads that don’t work and leave the ones that work running

They all left out some crucial information:
If you point all those different ads (different headlines, different ad creates, different targetting etc) to the same landing page about 90% of them will have a huge message disconnect!

How to solve this?
Creating tens to hundreds of different landing pages.. UFF! A LOT OF WORK!

Enter: AdConnect
We created AdConnect to make this easy and a matter of minutes without the need of ANY technical knowledge so you as the marketer can do it yourself without the need to ask your (expensive) developer(s) to do stuff for you!

How does it work?
1. You install our tag (similar as installing Google Analytics tag; for WordPress pages we have a plugin to make it even easier!)

2. Load your landing page

3. Make a unique version for each of your ads in minutes using our What-you-see-is-what-you-get editor and our special Mass page editor. Need 10, 20, 50, 100 versions of the same page with a different headline? 30 seconds, done!

4. Each version gets its own unique forward URL. You use this URL in your ad and visitors won’t even see the forward URL and only see your original domain with the special unique version you created loaded that perfectly matches the ad the visitor clicked!

In short:
– Increase your ad quality score
– Lower your CPC
– Increase conversions
Sky-rocket your ad spend ROI

Unleash the power of ads 

Are you just testing out the waters in a new (sub) market or are you looking to scale your existing business? PPC is a must have acquisition strategy and AdConnect is your partner to make that a success!