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What is Flecha AdConnect?

AdConnect helps you increase Ad quality score and thus lower cost per click and increase ad conversion by perfectly matching your landings page to every one of your ads in minutes! In short: AdConnect creates unlimited versions of your existing landings pages, one for each ad, in minutes!
No coding!
Any platform
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Google tells you to do it

Increase Ad Quality Score!

Don't take our word for it! Even Google flat out tells you to do what AdConnects makes easy as pie..

  • Lower Ad Cost

    Ad networks automatically lower your CPC (Cost-per-Click) based on quality score.

  • Lower Ad Bounces

    Ad bounces happen when a user clicks an ad but then lands on a page that did not match his expectations and exits the page directly. Matching each of your ads to your landings page lowers ad bounching.

Boost Conversion Rates

Matching your ads with your landings pages doesn't only help with lowering advertising costs but also helps boost conversion rates!

  • Increasing conversion rates by 39%

    A test performed by Optimizely resulted in a 39% conversion rate increase

  • Neil Patel says:

    "There's no way around it: Potential customers won't convert if their experience after clicking your ad isn't relevant to them."

Landings page specific ad testing

Flecha AdConnect Features

All the goodness AdConnect offers you

Affordable pricing

Affordable pricing for the smaller guys bringing this before Enterprise only advertising power to everybody!

Easy installation

All you need to do is install our ADC Tag. It's as simple as installing Google Analytics

Advanced Editor

Our super to use editor loads your website and you can change what you want, no coding needed BUT it is possible!

Ad Funnel Visualization

*SOON Visualize your ad funnel from beginning to end with long time subscriber tracking for best ROI stats

Conversion Tracking

*SOON Multi-step conversion tracking with custom conversion settings (subscriber or sale, which product etc)

More to come...

You tell us what you want! Perhaps lead gen tools like exit pop-ups or welcome top bars to further increase conversions? Build in split testing inside the unique ad versions? Just let us know!

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